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A free-spirited woman.  .  .

Photographer Rebecca Isles is finally ready to leave her native Jamaica. Since her mother's death, Rebecca has become a force of nature, escaping her grief with work and craving adventure. Now, with a new Make Me Yoursproject in the States, she plans to discover what awaits her beyond her island paradise.  .  .


A man with a plan.  .  .

Chad Irvine knows exactly what he wants: family life in the 'burbs with the right woman. But the woman he imagines is nothing like the one he meets in South Carolina. Rebecca is spontaneous and irresistible. After a steamy encounter, neither can forget the other. And when they meet again months later, it seems they won't have to. But their second chance turns risky once Rebecca tries to end things with another man. With danger following them, they'll have to decide whether to take opposite paths--or take a chance on a future together. 


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A woman with connections. . .


Thanks to her elite Miami matchmaking service, Jasmine Croft is financially secure—and much too busy finding love for others to settle into a relationship of her own. But when a successful—and skeptical—crime author becomes her client, Jasmine finds herself up against the greatest challenge of her career—and maybe her life. . .


A man of mystery. . .


Handsome widower Robert Rankin would rather be working—but he needs a woman to accompany him to his brother's four day wedding celebration. His expectations are low—until his date arrives: Jasmine. A twist of fate brought her there, into the arms of a man far more intriguing and irresistible than she ever imagined. But as the days extend into a relationship, will meddling friends, scheming relatives, and Robert's own ghosts ultimately tear them apart?...



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Also available - TEMPTED TO TOUCH

Tempted To Touch


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